Our youth endured a childhood of abuse and neglect in government orphanages which left them with devastating scars from developmental trauma, and with few resources to function successfully as adults. But it did nothing to dampen their courage and yearning to find their rightful place in society! Mercy Ministries comes alongside these precious youth to provide resources for healing from trauma, mentoring relationships, and skills to empower a bright future. Join us!

Living on a Spare (sponsored by Kelsey Winters and Caleb Winters)


12o% sponsored


I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter (sponsored by Chris Dewey and Melanie Dewey)


166% sponsored


Motion to Strike (sponsored by Steve Thompson)


74% sponsored


Split Decisions (sponsored by Kacie Mulhern)


110% sponsored


No Gutters for Guias (sponsored by Cristi and Leah Guias)


50% sponsored


The Overwhelming Team of Lemon (sponsored by Drew Ziegler)


162% sponsored


We've Been Framed (sponsored by Wes Hayes)

60% sponsored


Les Miserabowls (sponsored by Diane Pulvermiller and Leann Rogers)


102% sponsored


Anchor Strikes Again (sponsored by Scott Dewey)


52% sponsored


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